You want to celebrate your child’s birthday but don’t know what to start with? Planning a birthday for a kid is a responsible mission. Every parent wishes to make this day special and memorable! WhatAParty will make that experience easy and enjoyable by taking all the organizational challenges of the birthday party preparation on ourselves.

whatAparty is an entertaining agency that organizes unforgettable parties with your kids’ favourite characters. We provide full range of services from decorating your place, catering the party to entertaining children of all ages. We will bring a magical atmosphere so a birthday man and all the guests will feel themselves like a part of their favourite cartoon&movie with their beloved heros and characters.

Stop stressing about upcoming event and start enjoying the moment with the help of whatAparty agency.


Themed Shows

Our premium shows include everything your party needs to become the best event your little guests have ever attended. We will transform children to the atmosphere of their favourite cartoon/ movie and make them feel like a part of it by challenging them with unique activities.


Our workshops can be the main program of your party as well as an addition to the our unique Themed Shows. Workshops are not only a great entertainment but also a beautiful way to discover kids' creative potentials and learn something new like with their own hands.

Additional Services

Want to make an event truly unforgettable and unique? It's easy with whatAparty additional services. Add any services that lights up your and your child's heart! Photographer to capture every moment? Cotton Candy Bar for kids' sugary treat? Decorations for the realistic atmosphere of the fairytale children dive into?


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